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This is the logo I created for my design and large format printing company. I went with a modern, simple and straight font. I used the green color to 

represent growth and the A and D I made into a subtle pencil and roll of paper. I wanted something that captured my passion of drawing, graphic design and printing. 


I work with a local print shop which occasionally gives me design work. This was an invitation I created for a client. They wanted a very clean, green and watercolor feel for their invitations. This is what I created for them. They absolutely loved them and ended up referring another couple they new to me for their invitations.


This is a website home page I created for the actress Darcy Donavan. She has acted in tv shows and movies most notably is Anchorman.

I started by creating a free digital banner for Darcy Donavan's facebook page. After she saw it, she had her agent get ahold of me to ask if I would be interested in designing her website home page. I accepted of course and created this for her, she loved it and currently uses it as her home page.

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I continue to pursue my passion to create unique designs for clients all over the world. I have over 10 years of digital and print experience in many different types of industries from production to marketing. I continue to grow my experience and network by running my own graphic design business, in central Ohio. I look forward to the opportunities ahead where I can use my unique design abilities, to assist future clients and businesses.


When i'm not working I enjoy watching movies, playing strategy board games, anything star wars and spending time with my family and friends. Time is very valuable to me and I love making memories and spending time with my wife and two kids.

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