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Welcome to Kid's Creations. This is a place where our young minds can express their artistic talents, while providing them with the opportunity to help others less fortunate than they are. Not only will your projects give them a way to show off their talents and encourage them, but the money from your order will go towards a charity of their choice. Please support our creative future!



Hey! I am a 14 year old girl who enjoys drawing and coloring anime / fantasy.

 would love to create something for you or for your child. Please send me

a project request and help my church Marysville Grace and their charities.



Hello, my name is Nolan. I’m 13 years and old and I love nature. I love 

drawing landscapes, and an  occasional building among the scenery. Nature a such a pleasing phenomenon that I try to recreate though my artPlease send me

a project request and help my cousin Ella and others in need at St. Jude's Hospital, 

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